What I want to see in Portugal

Summer will start within a month, and honestly I am so excited. I just want these final weeks of school to be over so that I can fully concentrate on earning money and proceeding my hobbies. This year my parents booked a five-day trip to the beautiful and very interesting Lissabon, in Portugal. For that…… Continue reading What I want to see in Portugal

5 Amazingly Chill Songs!

Listening to music is probably one of the few things I repeat doing every single day. It makes me calm and excited to do things instead of sleeping in bed all day. Today I thought I’d share some of my favorite songs at the moment. I have this huge playlist on spotify with countless of…… Continue reading 5 Amazingly Chill Songs!


GUYS! I AM BACK! As you might know, I went on a road trip through the USA. I thought I should tell a bit about my journey, but if you want a more detailed one please leave it in the comments below! For now, I’ll show you the photo’s I made and tell you a bit!…… Continue reading I HAVE SEEN THE WORLD’S GREATEST CITIES!