Yet another tag because my mind won’t let me think of creative posts.. Here’s the Film Question Tag I found at this website and I thought I’d give it a go since I didn’t have to do anything better at the moment. Enjoy :) Oh and by the way I chose 10 out of the…… Continue reading FILM QUESTION TAG

The Maze Runner Series Tag

I truly am obsessed with not only the books, but also the movies of the Maze Runner series. It has been a while since the Scorch Trials had their première but I’d still like to do the Maze Runner Series Tag! So please tag along with me, haha. Who is your favorite Glader? Most people…… Continue reading The Maze Runner Series Tag

The Scorch Trails, review

GUYS I HAVE SEEN THE MOVIE! I have waited a whole freaking year for this movie to come out, and a few weeks ago it actually did! I’m serious when I say I have never been so excited for anything, and that is the main reason why I will do a review on this movie.…… Continue reading The Scorch Trails, review