Holland has its huge differences compared to California. Personally, I prefer California. Mostly because the weather is much better. But what other differences are there between the Netherlands and California? Traffic Lights. In the Netherlands there are traffic lights before you cross the road, while in California the traffic lights stand after you crossed the…… Continue reading HOLLAND VERSUS CALIFORNIA

Dutch Sayings?! #LearnTheDutchLife

#LearnTheDutchLife is back! On today’s episode I’ll talk about some of the Dutch saying. Some might be funny, so just if your interested I invite you to read along! A child can do the laundry. This basically means that something is really easily done. Even a child can complete the task! The one time I…… Continue reading Dutch Sayings?! #LearnTheDutchLife

Learn the Dutch Life?! #2

Good evening folks, First things first, I changed my site to What’s Marvelous. What’s Marvelous sounds, at least to me, so much more professional than something most of humanity can’t even pronounce. But alright, now that’s mentioned let’s get into the post. Not everything you read about Holland is true. Today I’ll tell you what’s…… Continue reading Learn the Dutch Life?! #2

Learn the Dutch Life #1

   Every country has it’s own habits, in England they have completely different things than in India. But what are those habits in the Netherlands, the country which is famous because of it’s tulips and mills. In this series, which will include 3 posts, I will tell you some of the unusual habits from this tiny…… Continue reading Learn the Dutch Life #1