Pokémon Go, my new addiction?

Several days ago, Pokémon Go has been released in Canada and such. Unfortunately it hasn’t been released in the Netherlands yet, though somehow I managed to get a download for the app. I’ve been playing, and I still am playing, Pokémon Diamond on my DS. Recently I have decided to rewatch the whole Pokémon series…… Continue reading Pokémon Go, my new addiction?

What I Got For My Birthday! 2016

So from my sister I got the Nivea Creme Sensitive. It smells honestly so good and something for under the shower always does good! Thank you sister, love you. Then I got the Oil & Care Oil. You see, since Salamanca I’ve been trying to get my hair in it’s more natural state, which is…… Continue reading What I Got For My Birthday! 2016

The Walking Dead Tag?!

Hey everyone, about one and a half week ago I started watching The Walking Dead. First evening I began watching, I immediately watched 7 episodes. After almost 2 weeks I’m in season 3, episode 8 or something. The Walking Dead is probably one of my favorite series so that’s why I figured to do this Tag! There…… Continue reading The Walking Dead Tag?!