5 (slightly) original Halloween Last-Minute outfits!

This is another post with the lovely Halloween theme. In this post I will give you 5 ideas for a Last-Minute Halloween outfit. There are two disclaimers though: I do not own any of the photos in this post and these outfits are not meant to be scary. The first outfit is meant to be…… Continue reading 5 (slightly) original Halloween Last-Minute outfits!

Carving Pumpkins!

Never have I ever.. Carved a pumpkin. At least, until yesterday! My sister and I decided it was time to get into the Halloween spirit by carving a small pumpkin! (Eventhough we barely celebrate Halloween in the Netherlands..) This was the pumpkin I was gonna carve. Besides the pumpkin I only needed some knives. Oh…… Continue reading Carving Pumpkins!

Sometimes it all gets a little too much.

Yes, I just quote Shawn Mendes song but it describes my feeling perfectly. You know those times you’re about to cry out loud and keep in your safe bed until something is over? I felt like that yesterday. Nobody’s life is absolutely perfect. Everyone has small or big problems and issues they’ll have to live…… Continue reading Sometimes it all gets a little too much.

I’m a Youtuber #LetsPretend

Let’s pretend… I’m a Youtuber. It’s something I secretly always wanted to be, but I have always been, and I still am, afraid of beginning this new thing. Youtube is getting more popular every day, and not just for music videos. People like Pewdiepie and Smoare earn tons of money by making funny videos. How would…… Continue reading I’m a Youtuber #LetsPretend

Unidentified Flying Objects.

Unidentified Flying Objects, better known as UFO’s. Aliens are supposed to travel with these flying objects. UFO’s apparently send a light beam which can teleport everything that stands in the spot light. I don’t really believe that UFO’s exist like that, but I do believe that Aliens exist. This is my theory. On Planet Earth…… Continue reading Unidentified Flying Objects.