What I want to see in Portugal

Summer will start within a month, and honestly I am so excited. I just want these final weeks of school to be over so that I can fully concentrate on earning money and proceeding my hobbies. This year my parents booked a five-day trip to the beautiful and very interesting Lissabon, in Portugal. For that…… Continue reading What I want to see in Portugal

What I Got For My Birthday! 2016

So from my sister I got the Nivea Creme Sensitive. It smells honestly so good and something for under the shower always does good! Thank you sister, love you. Then I got the Oil & Care Oil. You see, since Salamanca I’ve been trying to get my hair in it’s more natural state, which is…… Continue reading What I Got For My Birthday! 2016

If I were to throw a party..

I visited a party the other day, and it was fun but the songs were all repeated like 4 times and all the songs were so horrible if you ask me. That’s why I decided to come up with a short selection of songs I would play at my party. Without You – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jUe8uoKdHao/ Such…… Continue reading If I were to throw a party..

5 Amazingly Chill Songs!

Listening to music is probably one of the few things I repeat doing every single day. It makes me calm and excited to do things instead of sleeping in bed all day. Today I thought I’d share some of my favorite songs at the moment. I have this huge playlist on spotify with countless of…… Continue reading 5 Amazingly Chill Songs!


Yes, it indeed is only October but I am literally craving it to be Christmas and so called Sinterklaas! For your information, Sinterklaas is a holiday in the Netherlands where you have an old man which is similar to Santa Claus, this old man is called Sinterklaas. He has some people who help him with…… Continue reading MY CHRISTMAS WISHLIST 2015

Top 10 Christmas Songs.

Santa Claus is coming to town, guys! And I am STOCKED for it to be Christmas! So since October I have been listening to Christmas music, and it’s getting more excited every time. So today my top 10 Christmas songs. 10. Bianca Ryan singing Why Wouldn’t It Be Christmas Everyday Alright, so normally I’m not so…… Continue reading Top 10 Christmas Songs.

My favorite PS3 games

I ain’t got no PS4 since I’m not that big of a gamer, but I do have the PS3. My brother is the main gamer in our family, but that don’t mean I don’t like it! So here are all the games we’ve got and my top 3! These are all the games I own:…… Continue reading My favorite PS3 games