Little Worrier – A Stiles Stilinski Fanfiction

Today I will shamelessly promote one of my books on Wattpad. Okay so I thought I should shamelessly do some selfpromotion about my fanfiction called Little Worrier. This is a story that is based on Teen Wolf. I used a bit of the storyline of the first season and the main characters created by Jeff…… Continue reading Little Worrier – A Stiles Stilinski Fanfiction

My Teen Wolf Addiction?!

Since I’m obsessed with the idea of Teen Wolf and it’s mythical creatures, I decided to do the Teen Wolf Tag. I probably will give small spoilers but I’ll leave the really important ones out of this post. 1. How did you discover the show? You know when you’re really obsessed with a movie, which…… Continue reading My Teen Wolf Addiction?!