About & Contact

Whale In Progress went online on the 18’th of February, 2015. It’s been uploading articles about lifestyle, media, travel and rants ever since. The main characteristic of Whale In Progress is the cozy feel to it. This site is very personal to me so that you can get to know me.

But who’s me?
You can call me Max, that’s my second name, but Danee will do just fine. I’m a 17 year old girl who has lived for her entire life in the Netherlands. I love traveling, reading, cooking, music and art. I’m open-minded and adventurous. Because of my love for nostalgia, this site also functions as a way to one day look back at how I’ve changed.

So yes, welcome to Whale In Progress.

Photo’s are often made with Nikon Coolpix SS9900.
I use Photofiltre Studio whenever I need to edit something.

If you would like to get in contact regarding PR/Business email me at:

Naamloos 3


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