Kruidvat Miniscule Shoplog!

My hair is not really the kind of coupe you’d want to have. If you don’t brush it after washing it, it curls a bit. But the curl disappears within a day so the next day you either will have to brush it and it’ll look like you’re an exploded kitten. Or you have to wash your hair again.

So I bought some products to try and stimulate the curls. I went to kruidvat and bought the following products.


First of all a mouse! This one is from L’Oreal and promises to stimulate the curl. It cost me like 5 euros. It’s such a funny feeling to sqeeze the mouse through your hair and I really have no idea what or how I should use it but I’m just trying things out.






Then we’ve got a wave enhancing spray. This one is also from L’Oreal’s studio line and because of some sale I had two L’Oreal Studio products for the price of just one!

Apparently this spray makes your hair less heavy, and I actually noticed the difference!





And this one is not really to stimulate my curls, but I needed a new brush and this one looked fine. It cost me like 8 euros. It includes pigs hairs and even comes with a tiny brush to clean this brush!

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