Cooper test at EP.

Hey guys. So today is one of those days on which I will let everything that has been on my mind out. Today the subject is cooper test or cooper run test. This is a test at which you’ll have to run for 12 minutes straight and you’ll have to run for a certain distance to get a good grade.

Well, let me explain you this. I suck. I suck at gymnatics, I suck at football, I suck at basketball. But most of all, I suck at running. I get out of breath so easily and when I run I start focussing on the sound of me breathing which even makes things harder.

But as soon as I stop running, I feel calm again. My little brother told me this means that I breath wrong, but I’m not sure whether to believe that because it sounds dorky. How could I breath incorrectly?

Anyway, I ran a distance of 1550 meters.. This is like terribly bad. It’d be rated Very Bad. For my age and gender, 1800 meters would be rated Bad (I believe) and from like 2100 meters you’d be on the right track.

But hey, like I said before. I’m going to start fitnessing so at least I’m trying to achieve something..

WHo else hates these kinds of tests at EP?

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