It’s a big change, that’s for sure. Yes, today I went to the mall with my parents and we ordered two pairs of glasses for me. One pair of sunglasses, one pair of normal glasses. It’ll take two weeks for them to get done, and I’m so excited!

I got them because of holiday. When I’m at the Beach, it’s very annoying to have contacts in because I’m not allowed to swim with them. So I needed glasses.




These glasses are pretty cool, I love them. Though, I do have to get used to my face with a pair of glasses. This is such a simple yet lovely design.


Terni Sun RX

Look at this beauty! I know I have pretty similar sunglasses but these have the right strenght so I will actually be able to see things! How fancy, tho I’m not entirely sure if these are the ones I got.

Sorry that this wasn’t the longest post, but I really wanted to tell you about my adventure of the day! Do any of you have glasses?

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