The Dutch Youtube Community.

If you are Dutch or Belgian and you watch a lot of Dutch youtubers, you might know what I’m talking about. If not, this post might be interesting. Basically, the Dutch Youtube Communicty 2016 is as shitty (sorry) as it has ever been. Why, let me explain.

The way I see it, the community is divided into several group. They all fight with each other in general.

First you’ve got the Fakers. These Youtubers make fake pranks or fake ‘he and she’s been kidnapped’ videos. 2016 was really the start of these Youtubers and though they sometimes have entertaining videos, it’s such a sad thing that they get the fame. Don’t get me wrong, but I just think that if you upload a fake prank, you need to mention that it’s a sketch..

Definitely if it’s a video about someone’s friend being kidnapped by the so called Murdered. Young kids are watching these videos, and they think it’s real. They can make the weirdest decisions because of that..

Then, the second group I’d call the Guards. I think an American Youtuber you could take as an example is Keemstar. In the Netherlands we have a slightly different channel for that. In my eyes this guy just spreads the rumors and chaos. Maybe he doesn’t start the hate between all sorts of groups, but he sure as hell spreads it across the country.

And then we have the, in my eyes, innocent people. These are just World’s Normalest people who either watch or make Youtube Videos. These try not to merge into the chaos and that is exactly what everone should do. But here I am, explaining you about the chaos haha. Well, there’s a reason why I don’t mention any Dutch Channels.

Lately there’s been so many Strikes, which are some sort of reports on a certain video of a Youtuber, either because of privacy reasons or other things. Channels have been deleted (even big Youtubers with 200.000 subscribers!) for totally unreasonable reasons! Yes, sure, some of the Strikes were well deserved but others completely not.

I was just wondering if the Youtube Communities are such a choas elsewhere in the world?

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