World’s Shortest Shoplog?!

A shoplog from Bershka and H&M. I went shopping in Eindhoven yesterday, which doesn’t happen often, but it was fun. I didn’t buy that much, but I am super happy with the tops I bought. So today I have a short shoplog for you guys. Let’s go.

PicMonkey Collage

So this shirt I ordered online. The shirt was like 13 euros which was pretty cheap, but then again we are talking about Bershka which had even cheaper shirts. I don’t know why, but this shirt is definitely my favorite shirt. At first sight it seemed a bit too big, but it fits really well. The cloth is super soft and I just think it looks sick.


These two tops are from the H&M. The left black one is meant to be a crop top, but I don’t really like crop tops on myself so I bought an S so that it’s just a bit short but not too short. Mother doesn’t really like it, which I understand, but I was planning to use this shirt as pj’s. That shirt was 10 euros, I believe.

Then on the right we have a simple burgundy tank top. I only had one tank top, which is a light blue color, so I could definitely use another one. This one was only 5 euros. Love basics!

Guys, I think I just won world’s shortest shoplog. Oops? But don’t worry, tomorrow or the day after there will be a What I Got For My Birthday! So yeah, that’s exciting!

I’m also planning to do some series or something about learning about Florida, you know, seeing that is where I’m going on holiday and I want to learn things before I get there.

So that was it for today, I hope I didn’t waist those two minutes of yours! Have a beautiful day.


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