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My holiday plans.

OH MY. I am so excited to tell you guys this! For the overthinkers, I’m not bragging because no one is reading this blog anyway so it doesn’t matter what I put on here. Sort of. Okay, so anyway, for a long time our family had decided to stay home this year in the summer. But, they changed their freaking minds.

Okay, so first of all my sister and I decided we’re going to London for only a few days. Our mother joined us just to make sure there wouldn’t be any issues plus the more, the merrier. London. The city I’ve been admiring for 7 years. All those years I wanted to go so badly, and now I’m almost going!

I definitely want to eat at Nando’s, just because it’s a chicken restaurant and I love chicken. We also are probably going to a theatre and the main sightseeing spots. I already saved a lot of money to go crazy and buy souviniers, but then my parents decided to go with the whole family some place elsewhere.

So three days after we return from London, we’re going to take the train to Dusseldorf, Germany. Then we take a long flight to freaking flipping amazing Miami. Oh, my gosh. Miami! We’re going on a small road trip around Florida, and I believe we’re also going to Louisiana. How awesome is that? WE MIGHT PASS ATLANTA!

It’s going to be another amazing holiday, that’s for sure. I can’t wait until I get out of this frogland to explore the world again. So excited! I’m super grateful to be able to do these things, because I know not many people can..

Here’s a tiny list of what I still want to buy. If there are certain things that would come in handy to take with me (to either one of the trips), please leave it in the comments!

BACKPACK Okay, well. I have a backpack but it’s not really a strong one so I might have to buy a better one.

BATHING SUIT Or Bikini, or whatever it’s called. I have one, but I think that if you go on a holiday for 20 days the bikini will get dirty so I will need another one probably. Though, I’m not quite sure what kind I should get, because I’m pretty ‘petite’.

BOOKS From experience I know that I probably won’t read that much, but taking a book with you always comes in handy. Oh, please pretty please leave your favorite book in the comments! I really don’t know what book I want to buy, except for Caspar Lee but that one isn’t out yet.

GLASSES So, as you might know, I have contacts. I’m not wearing them right now because all I’m doing is sitting behind a laptop so I don’t need them at the moment, but I do wear them whenever I leave the house. For a holiday, glasses might come in handy. What if I lose my contacts or anything?

FLIPFLOPS I bought a pair of neon yellow ones last year in Wallmart, but they’re just a joke. They literally look horrible so I don’t think I’ll wear them a lot.

MAYBE A GO PRO My brother’s birthday is actually coming up in a week or so, and I still need to get him something. Personally I was thinking about a Go Pro, but I actually think I’d be happier to get that than he would..

That was it for today, love you, have a good day and oh my.. School starts tomorrow again..

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