I am going to Salamanca, Spain!

It is almost that time of the year again, that I will make a trip! But before my holiday to London (oh my I cannot believe I am actually going to London this summer! Even though England is so close to the Netherlands I have never been there and I’ve been wanting too for about 7 years now, haha. Anyway..) I will visit a town in Spain first!

With school I am going to visit the beautiful Salamanca! We’ll have several Spanish classes and I am positive it will be loads of fun. We’re leaving in two weeks already and we will stay in guest houses for about 5 days. Me and my friend have the guest house settled across a mall and the burger king, so I am positive we’ll survive.

I want to try the Spanish culture though, so of course I will eat tapas and such. Oh I am so excited! Unfortunately the weather won’t be it’s absolute best but I will have to deal with that. After all I’m used to sucky weather.

Sorry for this terribly short and useless post! My testweek start next week and I am freaking out because I need to catch up on loads of my homework..

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