4 Outfits

Today, yes today, I’ve got four simple outfits. Not sure for what I did this, but I kind of liked doing it. Here they are, I hope you like them.

DUS1. Light Blue jeans with a loose minty-color t-shirt. I guess it’s a nice outfit, but it was too baggy. You see, I’m going to a friend’s party tonight so I was trying on outfits. None of these 4 are great but I don’t really give a shit.

2. Light Blue Jeans with a Caspar Lee Shirt.

(Aah! Caspar Lee is amazing, love him)

I think I’m going to wear this outfit tonight. It’s comfortable and I like the black t-shirt with these pants.







3. This shirt is from Zalando but I’m not sure weither to keep it because it’s very busy and colorful. I combined it with some black pants (and oh my those are way too thight!), and black sneakers which I don’t think are a great combination but my other shoes are even worse with it.


4. The same thight pants with a dark blue shirt and a red flannel. This outfit reminds me of my sister because she often wears these type of outfits. No shoes because so.

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