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17 Things No One Knows About Me

To get a little closer with my few readers I will give away some facts about myself that pretty much no one knows. Feel free to do this tag-sorta thing yourself and please let me know if you did!

I am afraid of ladybugs
Yeah, it all happened the day I had a nightmare about the little bugs. You see, I dreamed that someone stepped on a lady bug and I saved the lady bug so I thought he must like me. But then the lady bug turned out to be evil and he ran after me. Sounds like a ridiculous and funny dream, but I really hate them now.

I kinda enjoy my own farts
I’ve read that more people do. No shame, guys. Okay, maybe a tiny bit..

I love listening to poppunk bands
I’m quite a shy girl so not many people would think I like this kind of music but NECK DEEP IS SO GOOD! And of course Blink-182 for the win!

I am super interested in everything that has to do with the universe
Unfortunately it is all very complicated but I think it is fascinating.

I can sleep pretty much anywhere but only in the late evenings it is hard for me to fall asleep

I have never been to the hospital for an incident such as breaking my bones
And that while I am super clumsy!

I am currently in a happy period of my life and I am barely ever sad
Maybe it is because I have some really great friends or maybe it is because 2/3 of the day I am living in some fantasy world such as Beacon Hills.

I hate it when people type with lots of typos
My best friend does actually. On Whatsapp she says three sentences but sends them in 6 pieces and because of her fast typing they have horrible grammer. I on the other hand take my time to typ correctly.

I am truly rubbish at any sport
I have tried tennis, taekwondo, ballet, horse riding and swimming. None of it works for me, and at Physical Education I am rubbish at everything, mainly athletics!

I like being bare foot
At home I am always bare foot and I really don’t mind walking outside without any shoes on (not that I go to school without shoes but for example when I need to bring my bike from the front of our house to our garage).

I’ve hated pink for my entire childhood and I still dislike the color
Pink is ugly.

I am quite competitive if it is about something I am good at such as drawing
Since I don’t really have a talent I like to stand out at at least something..

I love editing little trailers
I’ve made about 20 in my whole life I think. All rubbish but I love making them.

I pretty much only wear converse shoes

I’d pick Los Angeles rather then my home country every single rainy day
I need summer!

I sometimes like sleeping with my headphones and spotify on
That’s when I begin making up fantasies about me and my friends doing a performance on the song that is playing.

I hate the smell of my toe nails




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