Little Worrier – A Stiles Stilinski Fanfiction

Today I will shamelessly promote one of my books on Wattpad.

Okay so I thought I should shamelessly do some selfpromotion about my fanfiction called Little Worrier. This is a story that is based on Teen Wolf. I used a bit of the storyline of the first season and the main characters created by Jeff Davis and his business but that is all I used for my story. From there on I will create my own storylines and such.


Little Worrier
Started in December 2015 / Januari 2016
Written by Dxnthnysz
Cover created by Dxnthynsz

It was truly terrifying for Stiles to hear those shrieks again. He thought they would’ve stopped after all these time, but they kept going.

She kept going.

What none of them knew was that after Nova’s father died she would step into the shoes of her father. From that day on it was her task to protect the woods of Beacon Hills. As a Leshy.





These are the main characters I have created.

Nova Klein
Jelly Klein (half brother)
Borowy (Nova’s father)
Tabby Klein (Nova’s and Jelle’s Mother)

Please let me know what you think of it.
If you are interested in reading the story please click on this link:


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