Birthday Wishlist ’16!

My birthday is coming closer but unlike usual I managed to think of a few things I would love to get for my birthday. I’m turning 16 years old this year and I am very excited! Unfortunately I will still have to wait a few more years until I can get my license (damn Netherlands). Anyway, here’s the small list I made up.

Scratch Map
This is a map of the world on which you can scratch away the places you have visited. As you might know, I love traveling and before I die I want to have visited a damn lot of countries. That’s why I think it would be really nice to have this.

Drawing Tablet
I’m getting paid with the few designs I make on my laptop, on which I always use the very annoying mouse pad. I think my design skills would improve lots if I had a drawing tablet.

Just like last year I’d love to receive a Pennyboard or any other kind of skateboard. The thing is, my parents think it’s kind of useless for in the Netherlands because it’s always terrible weather plus our country is pretty damn flat meaning you’d have to push yourself forward everytime. This is a really expensive gift I think, but it would be nice.

I’m not sure if that’s what you call those things, but in Dutch we call them ‘platenspelers’. I’m talking about those radio-kind of things that can play Vinyl’s. I’ve always loved vintage-ish things and this would be so beautiful to get, maybe along with some Neck Deep Vinyl? Haha.

Disclaimer: I do not own any of the pictures in this post.


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