Alcohol and I

Hey guys, sorry for not uploading 3 articles this week. I’ve been kinda busy and yesterday I was at a sweet 16 of my best friend, so I did not have loads of time as well. Anyway, this party was amazing yet kinda odd. There was alcohol and pretty much everyone drank ( I didn’t ) so I would  like to talk about alcohol and 15/16 years old.

Personally I think it’s just stupid to drink with 15 or 16 years old. In the Netherlands you can’t drink until you’re 18 and that is for a reason. It wasn’t like the people at the party were super drunk, but even people who never drank before had drunk a few glasses of Hugo and a few beers. Ridiculous, because if you drink for the first time you need to know the limits.

I sticked to water because I first of all don’t even like soda (because of the bubbles) so let alone I’d like Hugo. Second of all, I don’t need alcohol to have fun. I felt like part of the people who drunk, only drunk because it would be considered cool.

We danced and sang all night long, and I had an amazing time but one of my friends had drunk maybe a bit too much. Seeing this was the first time I saw one of my friends kinda drunk, I started worrying. He still needed to ride home for 20 minutes, but luckily my other friends drove him home.

In a month I have another party of a friend of mine on which there won’t be any alcohol. And when I have my party there won’t be any alcohol either. So now I am wondering..

How can I make my party just as fun, but without the alcohol?

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