Three Precious Things.

Hey guys! Today I am going to share three of my first’s. These three objects mean a lot to me because I pretty much owned them for me whole life. So let’s just jump right into it!


The first piggy bank I ever owned! Well, one of the first anyways. I painted this little fellow with my mother and though I do not remember painting it, I love the pig! Instead of using it as piggy-bank I use it to decorate my room a bit, because it’s so colorful and cute in my opinion.


My first ”doll”! It’s not exactly a doll, more like a stuffed-animal doll but what ever. And one again it’s not exactly my first doll.. There’s a story combined with this doll.

I used to have one just like this, but another shirt. Then I lost it somehow, and by the way I am convinced that an old classmate of my sister once took it away from me but apparently she gave it back to me. But once I lost it, I got the same kind of doll (so the one on the picture) from my niece, which is really nice.

The doll can talk if I’d put bateries in it which is kinda creepy to be honest.


And this is not my first, but favorite Playmobil part! His name is Thomas because some guy I used to like when I was 6 years old was called Thomas.. I always wanted to play with this awesome kiddo when me and my siblings played with the playmobil houses so this item holds a damn lot of memories!

And that were three things I really wanted to share with you!

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