SHOPLOG | Primark, Flying Tiger and FeelUnique!


Hey guys! I’ve been shopping very recently and I figured, why not make a Shoplog for y’all. It was a really nice day with my sister and we went shopping in our hometown. But besides the tiny shoplog I will also unbox something I have ordered on!


Socks might sound boring to you, but I love buying them. Especially these because I were them all the time!

Primark 3 euros for 3 pair! They also sell them in white with colored stripes.


          – –



Okay let’s continue with the thing on the left. I guess we all have heard of it; the gadget makes it possible to plug in two pairs of earplugs instead of one. I guessed it would come in handy. I bought it at Primark for 2 euros.

On the right side we have a set of A5 cards, which is about the size of my spreaded hand; really big! I love playing card games with my friends so I thought it would be fun to bring these to school from now on. These cost me 4 euros and I bought them at Flying Tiger.



I ordered 3 things on, two of them I will be giving to my friend for her 16’th birthday so yeah.. Great service, package came after 5 days or something.

Left side we have Zoella Beauty’s (Zoe Sugg’s) Candy Cream Body Lotion. Haven’t opened it yet because as I said I might give this to the friend I was talking about. This one was like 5 euros and 28 cents.

On the right side we have Zoella’s Kissy Missy Lip Balm, which cost me about 3 euros and 56 cents but in the end I had found a discount code thingy.


And last, but probably my favorite because it smells amazing, Zoella’s perfume. It’s called ‘Tutti Frutti Let’s Spritz’ and the package it adorable. It’s my favorite product from what I have ordered already, and that is why I am not sure which two of these three Zoella products I should give to my friend. I’d rather keep this one myself but I think she’d like this one best..



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