Short Talks


Valentine’s day is only a few days away and as every year I cannot bother any less. To me Valentine is a completely unnecesary day on which you might feel pressure to buy something nice for your family and friends. Today I’ll give my opinion on this one day.

I love surprising family or friends with little gifts, but I definitely prefer to give them throughout the year on random moments. You don’t have to wait for that one day to show someone you love them, because that would be total bullshit.

Also the pressure Valentine’s Day can give you is horrible. For example, this year at school you could buy small teddy bears or large roses for one euro each, and a card attached to it. Under our English period people came in to deliver those teddy bears and roses, and I got two things from my best friends which of course is very sweet of them. But I already had a feeling that they were going to send me something and that made me feel bad for not giving them anything.

Then I reminded myself that it would be even worse if I’d give them something too only because they gave me something. If I was going to give them a little surprise it was going to be because I wanted to cheer them up and that would be on a random moment in time.

So don’t feel sad if you’re once again lonely this year with Valentine. It’s just one of the 365 days on which you’re lonely, you know? Plus, why would you be sad to be lonely? You don’t have any pressure to give your loved one anything cute, so you will save money which you can use for food! Problem solved, right?

And if you really want to buy a gift but you don’t know what, I think a teddy bear would do best for a girl. For a boy, I don’t even know.. As you might know, I am not a love expert.


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