Self-Respect Tag!

Follow my blog with Bloglovin Yet another tag, I know but I think this might be good for my positivity. So let’s just jump into it and please let me know if you’ve done the tag yourself!

3 Positive things about me.
First of all I am creative. Though I am doing A-levels for every subject (which I guess means that I can learn pretty easily) I’d rather have an average paid job as designer above some amazingly paid job as economist.

Second of all I am a positive person. Definitely around friends I barely am grumpy because I simply enjoy their company. I don’t complain often and I am very flexibel.

Lastly I am a great observer and listener. Rather than spreading my own stories I like to listen to others. I can be kinda quiet sometimes but it’s  because I either am tired or listening; not because I am that shy.

3 Things I like about my appearance.
I like that I sometimes can be satisfied with my appearance while I never ever wear any make up.
I like my eye color which is a mixture of blue, green and grey; my best friend told me I had very cool eyes the other day and it cheered me up.
I like my tummy which might sound a bit weird, but I like it. It’s just flat and such while I don’t do any sports or work outs.

3 Things I am proud of achieving.
I’m very proud on myself for being in the 4th grade of VWO (which is the same as doing A-levels I suppose but VWO means I do A-levels for every subject). I’m sure it is the highest level you can do High School on in the Netherlands, and everything is going nice so I am proud for that.
I am proud for earning my first bits of money by doing what I love; which is designing things. I’ve talked about this before, I design for Redbubble some designs and with that I earn a little bit of money each month.
Lastly this year I have made a few great new friends and I am proud of that. I’ve always been very shy but I am finally getting out of my shell since I broke a so called ‘friendship’ with a terrible friend.

In which clothing do I feel the prettiest?
Just a pair of jeans and some sweater to be honest. I don’t care about looks at all; though I have to say the dress that is rotting in the back of my closet looks nice on me. Unfortunately it’s meant for summer so I’ll have to wait until I can wear that again.

What would I change about myself?
My hair, because it’s one big fluffy thing and I honestly hate it most days. It’s some genetic thing so I guess I won’t be able to change it a lot but yeahh.. Everyone’s having non fluffy hair and then there’s me.

What would I want to achieve?
There’s one thing that means so damn much for me; even more than studying something creative-related. I want to travel the world, find out what kind of people live on earth and just enjoy life rather than work all day long. Maybe I am unrealistic, but I do want to achieve it.

What would my friends say about me?
Teen Wolf addicted, not caring too much about things typical girls would worry about, terrible at any kind of sports yet very nice to be with every now and then. I also think they don’t think I am the most open person but I can be fun, I hope. They often invite me to come along, do something fun so I suppose I can be fun. Haha.

Enough positivity for the day! I hope you enjoyed this little tag.

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