Yet another tag because my mind won’t let me think of creative posts.. Here’s the Film Question Tag I found at this website and I thought I’d give it a go since I didn’t have to do anything better at the moment. Enjoy :) Oh and by the way I chose 10 out of the 60 questions because 60 is a hella lot. Also I just added a few questions of myself.

Films you can’t wait to come out?
THE DEATH CURE DEFINITELY! But I’ll have to wait ’till 2017 for that one..

Movie you hate that everyone loves?
Twilight was a horrible movie, let’s just be honest.. I really don’t mind things about the supernatural because I currently have an obsession for Teen Wolf; but Twilight was just awful.

Favourite film character?
That’s a hard question.. There are so many films and so many amazing characters to choose from.. I’d know the answer if this was about series but it isn’t.. Okay I give up this is an impossible question so I’m just going to tell you that my favorite character (from a television show) is Stiles Stilinski.

Favourite villain?
Joker probably. I mean there are a damn lot of amazing villains but I really like the Joker (from Batman of course).

Films you want to see but never get round to watching?
I want to see all the Harry Potter and Starwars films yet I’ve only seen a few of Potter and none of Starwars.. But I’m currently busy watching Game Of Thrones which I’ve been wanting to start watching for ages now so I guess I’ll watch Harry Potter and Starwars sooner or later anyway.

Favourite film back from your childhood?
High School Musical probably. I’ve seen it a damn lot of times and it just brings up many memories of the old days. Ooh and such cartoon films as Cinderella and Snow White.

Favourite actor or actress?
Younger actor/actress: Dylan O’Brien
Older actor/actress: Adam Sandler / Seth Gilliam / Morgan Freeman

Most hated film?
Twilight probably.

Film-related Guilty Pleasure?
Like in Batman Begins; when quotes get repeated while the characters know they’ve said it before. It makes it beautiful and so much fun to watch. And also those bad ass moments when Bruce flies through the streets of Gotham; AMAZING.

Latest film you’ve seen?
Batman; The Knight Rises but I’m doing some sort of Batman Marathon but I cannot watch all the 3 films from 2 hours and 20 minutes long in a row but yeah I don’t know what my point is about this.

I hope you all enjoyed this little tag I did for you. Please let me know what you want to see on my blog and I will catch you guys next week, haha.

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