First of all HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE! I hope everyone had a few amazing holidays, and I hope everyone’s made a good start with 2016.

Now let’s continue. I lately have many dreams, and I honestly love it so I thougt, seeing these dreams are all a bit odd, why not tell you about it? Every time I dream something I write it down as soon as I wake up. I read somewhere that this could help you controlling your dream and since I’m writing my dreams down I do have more dreams.

A little warning before I start: These dreams are all vague and unlogical..

First thing I saw was the inside of an elevator. Instead of elevator-doors there were curtains, which was a bit odd. I sneak through the curtains and tiptoe over to one of the corners. When I look over my shoulder I see that there were two more elevators settled next to the one I came from. I hear some talking and then see someone appear out of the middle elevator, but the person immediately gets shot.

I quickly load my gun and wait patiently for the murdered to reveal himself. He finally steps in my sight and also has his gun pointed to me. He pulls the tricker, I dive out of the way and I shoot but I miss. Then all of a sudden I realize something. ”Am I already dead?” I ask confused as I looked up to the director Wes who’s just behind the scenes. He and Dylan O’Brien (you’ll see him many times in my dreams) laugh.

We do another take, I get out of the elevator and do the whole scene over again until the murderer and I stand in front of each other. We have our guns pointed at each other and both pull the tricker. Bzz. Nothing happens except for that little plop. The murdered quickly grabs another gun from the ground, but this one is not loaded either. Both of us begin laughing before we look up at Wes. Immediately two of his staff walk over to us and load our guns.

Take three. I get up in the elevator but before I walk out, I begin talking. ”Should I get out of the elevator like right now, or once that guy is shot?” I ask Wes so that none of the actors start acting. ”Erm.. Once the guy is shot might be better. And I think we should put the elevator a bit lower so that you would have to climb onto the surface.” He explained and then says that we should continue the scene while he goes to see the other actors.

Unfortunately with Dylan’s goofyness behind the scenes it isn’t possible to complete the task without Wes. I walk to the set where Wes was supposed to be and then I see that they are busy with a part of the Maze Runner movie. On the left there’s a sort of tribune in a tree house. In front of my feet there’s Gally aka Will Poulter laying on a few rocks as if he was unconscious. For some reason I start calling his name, and soon everyone joins me. ”Gally! Gally! Gally!”


I am together with Stiles Stilinski aka Dylan O’Brien and some foreign woman in a room. The room looks a bit odd; half of the room is about four feet lowered then the other half as if it was some sort of hole. On the lower part of the room were some rails and even a minecar. Then there also was this thick wall which seperated the normal floor with the mine rails. The mine rails ended against one wall with lots of ivy; the only way out.

Stiles and I settled ourself in the minecart, ready to get out of this place. But then all of a sudden the woman pulls or cart back. She tries to keep us here.. We somehow manage to get to the ivy and then the woman starts closing the thick door; giving us the feeling that we’re almost free. Though we weren’t. The woman grabs the cart somehow and pushes it under the closing door (the door closes vertically). She told us one of us would die because the minecraft was half under the door which meant it was going to splash either Stiles or me.

But then Scott McCall aka Tyler Posey gets in the room and the fight starts. He uses his werewolf skills, and I try to help him with my bare hands. Though the woman uses a sword.. Then two more women join the room, but they don’t fight. They just watch. Eventually I end up under the dangerous woman who is about to slash my throat with the sword. In one smooth move I grab the sword of her and push it through her throat. She slowly slides over the sword towards me as her left hand is holding a little knife. I quickly grab the knife of her but I accidentally hit one of the innocent girls.

”She wasn’t meant to die.. I didn’t mean to kill her.”


Tell me about your weirdest dreams! :)

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