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I guess everyone feels a bit stupid for making the wrong decision every now and then. And I guess I am just like everyone else in that case. Here are 5 things I regret doing.

Not appreciating a Christmas Present
Alright so my father got me this gorgeous camera for Christmas, but I felt like it was a joke because the camera was pink, and everyone knew I hated pink. I was really really rude by not appreciating the expensive gift, and my father then said we could go back to the store and switch it to a black one, and we finally actually did.. I feel so bad for not appreciating the gift and I feel horrible when I think about how my father must’ve felt. Shame on me..

Being a douchebag of a child
Growing up I was always the kid that wanted attention, but only at home because at school I as the shy kid. I made fights with my brother, and also with my sister about the most useless things but I always was positive that they were wrong..

Not going to a schooltrip
Okay so I was chosen to go to a total free trip to Germany, and at first I was excited but one night I got all dramatic over the fact that no friends would come with me and that I would be all lonely on the trip so I cancelled it.. Stupid me.

Not standing up for myself and my best friend
Alright, there was this whole drama with me, my best friend and my fake best friend. My fake best friend always was really bossy and mean, still my best friend and I listened to her and did what she asked. The Fake Best Friend told us bad things about people in a way that we would be on her side and stuff. We’re no friends any longer, nor we have ever been friends in my opinion but I still regret sticking with her for 3 years.

Selling my Pokémon cards
If you want to live your life, NEVER sell your Pokémon cards. I miss them so much because they hold so much memory :(

Hehe, these were a few regrets of mine. What’s your biggest regret? Let me know in the comments below!

Disclaimer: I do not own the rights of the photo in this post.


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