The Maze Runner Series Tag


I truly am obsessed with not only the books, but also the movies of the Maze Runner series. It has been a while since the Scorch Trials had their première but I’d still like to do the Maze Runner Series Tag! So please tag along with me, haha.

  1. Who is your favorite Glader?
    Most people would choose either Newt, Thomas or Minho, and I actually have to say that I am definitely one of those people because those three are my favorites. If I’d have to choose I would choose for Thomas though.
  2. Teresa or Brenda?
    Erm, hello? Teresa isn’t siding with the Gladers which obviously tells me enough. Brenda’s trying to help the Glader’s Squad and I am definitely up for that. Though I don’t really like the short hair on her, but who am I to say that? She’s cool.
  3. Thomas, Minho or Newt?
    Okay so I already actually answered this one.. So let’s change the question into: Who’s my favorite Glader except for those three. Because then I would go for Gally. He’s evil, that’s for sure. Definitely in the first movie but once reading the third book.. I’m not going to spoiler anything so nevermind, haha. But I’d choose Gally.
  4. What’s your favorite book?
    Okay shame on me for not reading the last book + the last chapters after page 250 of the third book. I just don’t want to read any further now the incident happened! But out of those two and a half books I enjoyed the second one the most I think. I finished reading it in three days.
  5. Favorite member of the Group 5?
    Aris of course. I barely know the girls from that group and Aris seems a bit mysterious.
  6. Do you like the cast?
    Erm. Dylan O’Brien, Ki Hong Lee, Thomas Brodie-Sangster? How can you not like the cast? It’s pretty much the most perfect thing in the entire world. And the bloopers are the best things of my life.
  7. Have you read/are you going to read the Kill Order?
    Oh wait, why this question? Of course I’ll read it, but according to the site I got this tag from (this site) the last book ruined the whole series..? Oh gosh please no.
  8. If you haven’t finished reading the series: How do you think it’s going to end?
    Obviously they’ll die or they will wake up to find themselves dreaming. There is no way that everything will ever change back to normal, that’s just it. Though I hope that WICKED truly is evil, because otherwise I would have all my predictions wrong.
  9. What’s is your favorite quote from the movies?
    ”If you ain’t scared, you ain’t human.”


So that were my A’s to the tags Q’s! Hope you enjoyed it and please let me know if you’re planning on doing the same tag, because I’d love to read your answers!

Disclaimer: I do not own anything of the Maze Runner Series, both books and films.

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