The Sims 4 Houstour?!


And there I am, again after a pretty long break. It’s not that I dislike writing or anything, but I just don’t feel like doing it and when I finally found the spirit to write, I didn’t know what it could be about. So I am very sorry, but at the same time I don’t think any of you really mind.. Haha.

Anyway, today I’ll show you around in my Sims 4 house! Entrée.


This is the house I am talking about. Sun’s already setting as you might see. Now, let’s take a look inside, shall we?


This is the living room. You can see there’s a painting tool, a bookshelf, couch and some stairs. From this point of view you can also see the kitchen. So pretend you walk towards the hole in the wall, but then you look back to see the living room from another point of view. This is what you will see:
A beautiful fireplace and a simple television screen. Also just a side note, you see the little hallway next to the painting tool, and there’s a door that leads to Scott McCall’s room, but I will get back to that in a second.

So this is what the kitchen looks like. Not very special, but I honestly am in love with it. It’s Stylish in my opinion and it just looks great. Now let’s head to Scott McCall’s room.


This is inspired by the real bedroom of Scott McCall but I guess you could say I’ve failed miserably. Now, there’s another bedroom downstairs. It’s Stiles Stilinski’s bedroom. If you know the character from Teen Wolf, you might understand why there’s a massive school board-ish thing in his room.

So up here is Stiles room. Then for the last room downstairs: a bathroom. Follow me.


A small square room with a rough pattern. I don’t really know why I chose this, because it’s basically the opposite of the kitchen and living room..


Once we go up the stairs we see four doors. Let’s open the first one.


So in this room I actually created two rooms: two bathrooms which look the same. I always end up having Sims peeing themselves or feeling awkward because they walked in on someone showering so I decided to help that problem. Now let’s go through the double doors to the balcony.


There’s a barbeque, a trashcan and a little table. Very simple yet very lovely if you ask me. Let’s go see the last two rooms here upstairs.


First one’s Lydia, which I found really hard to create so I just decided to make it a bit girly but classy. This is what I ended up creating.. And for the bedroom of Liam Dunbar I decided to inspire it on Dylan O’Brien’s real bedroom.

21-12-15_17-16-41 21-12-15_17-17-00

Dylan’s real bedroom is separated into the sleeping area and his study area, so I decided to use that idea and add it the little bit of teenage-ish-something.

Now we go downstairs again and enter the backyard, which is an open and beautiful yard.

21-12-15_17-18-29 21-12-15_17-19-42

The house is close to a canal, meaning my sims can fish whenever they want!

So that’s my Sims 4 Housetour. If you want more Sims-related things, let me know!

Also I’d like to just say that this is the worst post I’ve ever made. It’s a mess, I know but I just feel the need to post at least something. I did my best on building the house and I’m satisfied with the end product but I don’t like the way I wrote things, so just remember that.

Disclaimer: I do not own the Sims 4.

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