Yes, it indeed is only October but I am literally craving it to be Christmas and so called Sinterklaas! For your information, Sinterklaas is a holiday in the Netherlands where you have an old man which is similar to Santa Claus, this old man is called Sinterklaas. He has some people who help him with giving presents to all the children, these are called Zwarte Pieten. But this post isn’t about Sinterklaas, it is about my Christmas Wish list!


First off, the thing I’d love to get most: Joe and Caspar Hit the Road! This basically is a DVD wherein my two favorite Youtubers travel Europe. It’ll be out on the 23th of November and I am so excited for that!


Seconds of all, I’ve been craving to buy Usernamie: Evie. This is a graphic novel by Joe Sugg, my favorite Youtuber. It’s already out but I’d love to get it for Christmas, instead of buying it myself.

Maybe it sounds lame, but I would LOVE to get a pack of Pokémon cards, just for the sensation and my love for Pokémon! Though, I am disappointed by the cost of only 7 cards! Cards cost almost 1€ each..

Guys.. I am fearing the worst. I am slowly turning into a girly girl. I kind of begin liking to curl or straighten my hair (maybe because it’s awful when I don’t).. Anywho, I might ask a curling iron for Christmas.

Finally, I might ask a PlayStation 3 game. I’m not sure if I should ask GTA 5, Black Ops III or Fallout 4. They all look so much fun.. I think I’ll ask GTA 5, since it’s the cheapest and I’ve been craving to get it since forever.

So that are a few things I might ask to Santa. Of course I do not except to get all of these, and I might even not get any of these, but my parents always ask me if I know anything I’d like so here you go mum and dad!

Disclaimer: I do not own any of the photo’s in this post.

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