5 (slightly) original Halloween Last-Minute outfits!


This is another post with the lovely Halloween theme. In this post I will give you 5 ideas for a Last-Minute Halloween outfit. There are two disclaimers though: I do not own any of the photos in this post and these outfits are not meant to be scary.


The first outfit is meant to be the Monopoly guy. After dressing up you can draw a white mustache on your face or stick one on made of paper. Really easy and you probably have most of the clothing already!


Cruella Del Vil. A black dress, red gloves, a fur coat and hair chalk. If you have dark hair you might wanna use a wig instead.


Pickachu I choose you! This one is super simple. Just dress up and use red lipstick to make red circles on your cheeks. Use eyeliner to make your eyes more obvious. If you want you can make the mouth that looks like a three on the side with a thong sticking out.


Left: Peter Pan
I guess the only things you’ll need to make are a red feather and a little sword. You can probably buy a kids swords at any kids store.

Right: Waluigi
The orange shoes can be replaced by pretty much every type of sneakers. Also you will need to stick the upside Luigi logo on a purple hat and make a mustache with some eye liner.

So this were just some random ideas, I hope you enjoyed this quick post!

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