Short Talks


Well, technically it wasn’t my phone but my IPod. You see, I have the cheapest phone and an IPod. So yeah, I got home from school and it was gone. Went back to school but could not find it. Next thing you know I am changing all my passwords..

After lunchtime me and some friends did a game in a certain type of bench. See the picture above. I grabbed my IPod and a bit later I randomly threw it in my bag. That was the last time I saw it. When I went back to school I searched in that bench since I figured it might have fallen out but I found nothing.

It was not like the clean people could have found it, because they cleaned before I went home. And it was pretty late so not many people would be able to find it.

So I’m lost, but you know the crazy part?

It is giving me such a frustrating feeling, but it is also giving me a feeling of relieve.

Anyway, I need to study now, bye!

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