Teen Wolf is one of my favorite series ever. A few days ago I started watching the series for the second time and I am enjoying ever moment of it. So then I thought, why not do the Teen Wolf Tag?

1. Who is your favorite character?
Without any hesitation I will say it’s Stiles Stilinski. I feel like no one can hate him because he’s just the funniest of the whole series. Stiles’ sarcasm is just perfect.

2. Who do you ship? OTP?
Erm, probably Stiles and Malia. I feel like Lydia had her change with him and now it’s Malia’s turn. Although I really dislike Malia’s short hair I think they are cute together. Stiles finally got a loved one which is adorable if you ask me!

3. Why did you start watching Teen Wolf?
Because I was scrolling through all the Netflix series and thought ‘why not give it a shot’, next thing you know you are addicted.

4. Describe Teen Wolf in one word.

5. What’s your favorite episode from each season?
That’s one of the hardest questions you can ask me. Since I have forgotten most of the scenes, I am going to say Hotel California, I think it was called. The scene where Stiles and Scott stood in the rain, when Stiles freaked out because Scott was brainwashed and shit.

6. What was your first impression of Teen Wolf?
”Okay, this can either be interesting or too fantasy like”

7. Which mythical creature would you want to be?
A Stiles, please. Oh, that’s not a mythical creature? Too bad.

8. Which mythical creature did you find the scariest?
I don’t really find anything on this show scary, but I think the creatures that made me shiver the most were the Oni and Sluagh. And I actually like the scenes with the Nogitsune.

9. Chris Argent or Sheriff Stilinski?
Stilinski! I think he’s a perfect dad and the way Stiles and he love each other really warms my heart.

10. Rate Teen Wolf 1-10?

Disclaimer: I do not own the photos in this post.

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