UPDATE { Less posts :( }

Hey guys, if you follow my blog you might have noticed I haven’t been posting much lately. One word, 6 letters. School. Things are getting more serious since I’m a grade higher and stuff, and I really am motivated to work well on my schoolwork so this is mainly why I upload less these days.

You see, in the Netherlands you have certain levels of High Schools. The hardest and highest level is VWO, which I am doing. It takes 6 years before you are graduated and those six years are divided into two main groups. We call ’em ‘bovenbouw’ and ‘onderbouw’, literally this would mean ‘upbuild’ and ‘lowbuild’. Basically, the first three years on VWO you are in the onderbouw, and the last three years in the bovenbouw. In the bovenbouw you have to study and do things more on your own, and teacher will give you less explenations and stuff.

I already have had one physics test, and it went so bad! I studied all day and made all my homework and understood basically everything but there was way too less time to make the test and I began to stress… So yeah, great start..

If you wonder, I have the following subjects:
Physics, science, Maths D (hardest one), Maths B (second hardest one), Art and Spanish. And for the subjects that we have to have: Dutch, English, PE, Religion and History of Art. So yeah..

Okay, this was such a useless post but I just wanted to give a little update.
After all no one really reads these posts, right? ;)

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