The Scorch Trails, review


GUYS I HAVE SEEN THE MOVIE! I have waited a whole freaking year for this movie to come out, and a few weeks ago it actually did! I’m serious when I say I have never been so excited for anything, and that is the main reason why I will do a review on this movie.

After seeing the Maze Runner, I read the book and then watched the movie a few more times. I continued reading the Scorch Trials and began reading the Death Cure. That’s basically what happened in one year.
Once I made my way to the cinema, I got nerves. Was this real, was this really going to happen? Maybe it sounds so dramatic, but this meant so damn much for me.

For those who don’t know, the Scorch Trials is the second movie of the Maze Runner series. In the first movie, Thomas randomly woke up in a giant maze to find out he forgot everything but his name. He and the boys that had the same experience eventually find their way out. Once they step into the real world, they see everything has changed.

People dressed in black clothes help the boys get to the helicopters, where they fly over the city and maze. Once the group of people arrive at their destination, the boys of the Maze get a lot of help to be healthy again and get comfortable in their new stay. Thomas, the main character, finds out that the people dressed in black aren’t who they say they are, which leads to an escape of the Maze boys.

The boys soon find theirselves into the real world, where everything looks like a desert and where only a few survivors live. All the other people started to go insane, and now hunt for other people to eat. The group of Gladers try to find the Right Arm, which is an army that fights against Wicked. Wicked is the company that set up the Maze in the first place. And so they try to find the Right Arm, while they slowly begin losing their dearest friends.

Main Characters
Thomas, he is in some ways different from the other Gladers.
Minho, he is one of Thomas’ best friends.
Newt, he is one of Thomas’ best friends.
Teresa, she is the only girl that lived with the boys in the Maze.
Brenda, she did not live in the Maze but finds a way to help the Gladers.
Jorge, he is pretty much like Brenda’s father.
Aris, he lived in an other Maze with a bunch of girls.

In my opinion you can call the acting in this movie more than brilliant. Of course it might be because Dylan O’Brien plays one of the main characters, but I truly think that they all are great actors. Really, it all feels like a part of my life.

What is positive? Pretty much everything! The acting, the actors, the length of the movie, the storyline and the ending! Oh, and I have seen the movie in 3D. Normally I would get annoyed by the huge glasses but it was perfectly fine this time.

It’s not really that I would call it negative, but it did surprise me a lot. You see, the movie is pretty much a whole different story from the book. On one side I felt disappointed about it, but on the other hand it was full of unknown actions.

Rating: 9,5 out of 10
My new favorite movie without a doubt! However, if you do not like action movies with a touch of fantasy in it, I am not sure if you will like it as much as I do.

Disclaimer: I do not own any of the photos in this post.

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