Last Friday I went to pick up my contacts! It’s a totally new experience for me so I wanted to share this with you!

So once I received the contacts, the friendly man instructed me on how to put them in and after a while it was time for me to try. It took maybe 3 minutes before I got one of them in, and I got the contact in at my first try which does not happen a lot according to the man. After I put the other one in aswell, I had to take them out again and put them in again. Soon it was time for me to go home with the contacts.

That day I had to wear them for two hours, the day following 4 hours and Monday 6 hours etc. It does not irritate me, but I noticed that I see some weird things in the corners of my eyes. Not in the mirror, but for example when I casually look at my computer I see some white things in the corners. It’s kind of like you have some water in your eye. It bugs me and I’m getting quite worried. But my guess is that it is because I am slightly tired and the computer light is reflecting in the contacts or anything.

Anyway, I will call the friendly man about it. If you wonder, I have hard contacts and I’m already pretty used to them (except for those white weird things).

So yeah, does any of you have contacts??

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