We all know what happened on the 9th of September, 2001. Every year we look back at that horrible day, and all day long we can watch documentaries to learn even more about this day of horror. Today I would like to talk a bit about 9.11 to show my respect.

The day of the attack was indeed September the 9th. After watching loads of documentaries about this day, I learned about a certain possibility. Let me explain it with a simple question.

What is the emergency number in the United States?

Indeed. It is 911. And remember the date of the attack on the Twin Towers? Correct, 911. Out of 365 days the terrorists chose that certain day. Of course this might be confidence, but I believe it is not. And the idea that the terrorists prepared the attack for months, maybe years, makes the whole thing even scarier.

The panic that went through the people that were in one of the twin towers at that moment must have been huge. Fire was taking over the huge building and there were only three options. The people could either burn alive, jump out of the window or run downstairs. The last option was probably more difficult than it sounds, since the stairs might have been on fire, or everyone was trying to get downstairs by the stairs.

So some people decided to choose for the most frightening thing. They jumped out of the windows, waiting to hit the ground. And then you have to think about the family and friends they had to leave behind. People filmed the desperately falling people and not a lot of time later the falling people were send by television all over the world.

Just imagine for a moment that that is your father, mother, sibling or child that is committing suicide. And you do not hear what happened to them before you see it.

I have visited the World Trade center and it did make a big impact on me. This is one of the few things I truly find interesting about humans history. Maybe this sounds very harsh, but I find it really interesting to learn about it. Of course also I wish that this day never happened. Respect for all the people.

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