Hello guys! I am slightly bored so I figured, why not come up with some sort of tag? The first thing that came to mind were celebrities. So this following tag is all about celebrity crushes!

For your information, it does not necessarily mean I have a crush on all these people but the people I choose, are my favorites. Just so that is clear, haha.

Who was your first celebrity crush?
I have had so many, but the first one I remember was Nick Jonas. It was back to when Jonas Brothers played on Disney Channel and I absolutely loved him and his brothers.

Who was your cartoon celebrity crush when you were younger?
Oh, I had also loads of those. I liked Aang from Avatar of Nickelodeon a lot, and I always dreamt of having the same powers I remember. Now I think about the old days, I remember I also liked that guy from Winx  Club that was the boyfriend of Bloom. I believe he was called Sky.

Who has been your biggest celebrity crush yet?
The first big celebrity crush I ever had was on Niall Horan. Yes, from One Direction that boy band that half of the world hates and half of the world loves. But I also admired Dylan O’Brien and Robbie Kay, and I still do. Of course there is Joe Sugg aswell, he’s awesome.

Who is (or was) your Disney Channel crush?
At the moment my celebrity crush from Disney Channel would definitely be Cameron Boyce. Most of my celebrity crushes are at least 5 years older than me, but Cameron is only a year older, haha. You might know him from Jessie, where he plays Luke Ross or from Disney Descendants.

Who is your celebrity crush from the opposite gender?
Cara Delevingne, she is just wonderful! She is more a tomboy than a girly girl, which I really like. Her humor is just wonderful and she’s really talented I think.

Who is your 35+ celebrity crush?
I’d find it slightly weird if I actually had a big crush on someone 20 years older than me, and so I do not have a real celebrity crush on someone like that. But, there are still a few people I really admire. One of them being Adam Sandler, you might know him from Grown Ups and I just find him the funniest.

Who is your biggest actor/actress celebrity crush?
At this moment Cameron Boyce, I mean, how can you not like his freckles?

Who is your biggest artist celebrity crush?
Ed Sheeran, I guess? He is my favorite artist since forever and he never fails.

Who is your celebrity crush from Disney’s original movies?
From the very old cartoon Disney movies I would probably choose Peter Pan, because of the whole story and all. From the newest Disney Movies I really like Carlos from Descendants.

So that was the Celebrity Crushes Tag! If you want to do this tag, please go ahead and tell me so I can see what your answers are :)



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