6 Minutes over midnight, on September the second 2015 I got a mail. And it was just slightly different from the spam mails I usually get.

”You’ve just made a sale on Redbubble!” The email started.
For those who have never heard of Redbubble.com before, it is a site where you can buy and sell really original t-shirts. A few weeks ago I decided to give it a shot and design some things to put it on for sale, and on September the second someone decided to buy the t-shirt I designed!

If that’s not cool enough, I even made money with it! For those who really wonder, I got 20% of the sale price which meant I earned a bit less than 4$! Maybe this looks like almost nothing, but remember I’m only 15 and I have never had a job before so this is really exciting!

I told my parents what I did and they are really supporting me to continue. Dad and my brother even want to try it out themselves, haha.

If you are wondering what my designs look like, click here ;)

So yeah, I wanted to share this valuable moment with you real quick, haha!

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