Descendants Review.


Yes, it is indeed a Disney original’s movie and yes, it might be meant for younger children but that doesn’t stop me from loving the film and the songs! Today I’m doing a review on this magical film!

Ben is about to be crowned when he comes up with his first project. He believes that the children of the evilest villains should have a chance to be good. He chooses the children of Cruella de Vil, Jafar, the Evil Queen and of course Maleficent to have this opportunity. When the kids go, their parents tell them to bring home the famous Magic Wand, so they can get all their powers back. But once the four children get to know all the good people, they begin doubting about who they are.

Main characters.
Mal, daughter of Maleficent.
Evie, daughter of the Evil Queen.
Carlos, my personal favorite, son of Cruella de Vil.
Jay, son of Jafar.

The acting isn’t of course the best, since it is an Disney film that is meant to be for children, but it is not disturbing or anything. There are some moments that could have been better, but in general it’s very nice.

It’s a musical film kind of thing, which means it has a few songs in it. Rotten to the Core and Set it Off being my favorite. The girls can both sing very nice. The boys, Carlos and Jay, talk more than they sing in the songs, but it sounds perfect anyway.

Positive things.
The storyline is original. Who would’ve thought villains have children? Like I said before, I like the acting, actors and songs so it’s in my opinion a really nice movie. Oh and have I mentioned how good they can dance? I know Carlos aka Cameron Boyce is in a dance group so I wasn’t surprised to see him dancing, but the others can rock it aswell! Especially in Rotten to the core!

What I would’ve liked to see, was a romance between Carlos and someone, because it would just be funny to see how he learns what love is. I’ve heard there might be a Descendants 2, and it would be so cool to see how they get through puberty and stuff!

Negative things.
It’s not really that negative, but the movie has a pretty big open ending. We could either fill it in ourselves, or they could make a second movie, right?

Rating: 8 out of 10
I’m loving it!



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