Short Talks

Sometimes it all gets a little too much.


Yes, I just quote Shawn Mendes song but it describes my feeling perfectly. You know those times you’re about to cry out loud and keep in your safe bed until something is over? I felt like that yesterday.

Nobody’s life is absolutely perfect. Everyone has small or big problems and issues they’ll have to live with. When I’m worried about something, I always think about the people that have to live with that shaking feeling every single day. It calms me down, sort of.

Alright so yesterday we got to know in which classes we’re in. Turns out I’m the only one of my friends that is in another class, while we have mostly the same subjects. Maybe this is completely normal for you, but I’ve never been in a class without my closest friends. I can’t connect that easily with people, and I’m shy. Of course there will be subjects I have with my friends, but it’s just different.

On the one side I want to go to the other class, so I sent a mail if it was possible. But on the other side I’ll have to learn how to connect with people one day. And there are a few nice people in there, but they are mostly boys haha.

Anyway, I’m making myself way too worried about this problem. It’s part of growing up I guess. I thought I should tell you this quickly, so if you have any advice on how to make new friends or anything, please tell me.

I also noticed I never know what to talk about, even with a few friends while I can easily talk with my siblings for hours, weird right?

5 days later.
Every freaking evening I’ve laid in bed, thinking for hours. 5 Days long I thought about this stupid thing every 10 minutes. I’m worrying way too much but I’m slowly accepting that there probably won’t be a chance that I can go to the class I want to go.

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