camera pattern

As you might know, I like to create artworks. Either painted portraits or something visual, I like it all. So lately I found out there’s actually a career where you have to make patterns, how fun! Since then I tried to make my own, with the few pixel tools there are at Photofiltre Studio X. It’s not what professionals use, but I’m not a professional so why not start here? This is what I made.

Pineapple Pattern, cute as a notebook cover or something.




Folded paper boats – Pattern.
Cute as giftwrap.




Wallpaper, blue dots kind of thingy?




Holland – Themed pattern.
I actually don’t like this one a lot…





Another notebook cover with watermelons. If you like this one or any other one you can print it out and stick it onto a notebook, haha.



So these are the patterns I’ve created. It’s still very hard and I’d love to buy a drawing tablet but I’ll have to save some money first. Please let me know what you think of them!




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