Holland has its huge differences compared to California. Personally, I prefer California. Mostly because the weather is much better. But what other differences are there between the Netherlands and California?

Traffic Lights.
In the Netherlands there are traffic lights before you cross the road, while in California the traffic lights stand after you crossed the road. It’s much easier, I think, because you can see the lights much easier.

It’s not that people from Holland are specific rude but compared to foreign Americans they are. Every day, at least twice someone in America comes up to you and says ”Hi, how are you?” With a big smile on their face. If you’d ask that to an unknown person from the Netherlands, they’d give you a weird look. Americans begin with this small conversation and in a few seconds you feel like you’ve known this person for ages.

We all probably know that American’s love their food. And they eat lots. In Holland a cheeseburger with medium French fries and a medium coke could be dinner, but that is nothing compared to the real American hamburgers. First of all, they are soooo delicious. Second of all, they are big. LOVE IT!
Also they have different French Fries. American’s leave the peel on the potato and they add some herbs which makes it a lot nicer actually! Unfortunately they barely ever have mayonnaise in restaurants, which makes it less for me…

License Plates.
In the Netherlands you have to have 2 license plates on your car, one in the front and one in the back. But in America I have seen cars that have either only 1 license, or a license that just has random words on it. For example ”Awesome” and stuff.

Traffic Rules.
In America the golden rule is ”Who comes as first, is allowed to go first.” While in the Netherlands the rule is ”The one who comes from your right side is allowed to go first.”. And also, in America you can ride through red light if you turn right, that’s not in the Netherlands.

In America there’s on the outside a locket for tickets. Really cute. In the Netherlands it’s just on the inside behind a desk. Also, in America you don’t get a specific seat but you can seat where-ever you want.

That’s also another difference between Holland and America. These were all I could come up with, but I’m sure there are lots more. Please let me know if you want a post about a specific theme!




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