Habits on holiday.


Every year I have the same habits that start at the very beginning of my vacation. Today I’d like to talk about some of them, please tell me if you recognize some!

Living in my bedroom.
Besides sleeping from 11 pm to 8 am, I often return to my bedroom. It’s either so I can take a nap, listen to music or watch Youtube and Netflix. Maybe it’s not the healthiest thing but it’s just a part of my day.

No lunch.
Just because I sleep almost every day all day, I often forget to eat lunch. Then I get in the early evening hungry and start complaining about my tummy. And then I eat kind of a lot at dinner so then my tummy is very happy again.

Scratching musquito bites.
Not a good habit either. But what do you want when you give me 30 itching musquito bites?  I don’t just scratch them once, but as soon as the wound healed again I scratched it open again. Oops?

Alright, this is a weird habit but it belongs to this list. Whenever I go on holiday, I start writing a story. Last year I wrote about a kid having anorexia and meeting others with the same issues, and this year I already have a story planned. It keeps me busy and my fantasy on point. Last year I wrote 17 long chapters on my IPod, and now I look back at it it was horrible but I enjoyed writing it.

Covers, covers, covers.
And with that I don’t mean a song. I mean a book cover. When I have a story in my mind, I immediately make a cover. Then often I don’t even feel like writing the story. That’s how I’ve made tons of bookcovers (see the thumbnail thingy)

Songs on repeat.
When you have about 5 favorite songs, you put them in a playlist and repeat listening to them for the whole freaking vacation. It either turns you crazy, or keeps you going. I often get annoyed by it, so I make sure I have enough new songs on my IPod when I leave.

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