As you might know, I went on a road trip through the USA. I thought I should tell a bit about my journey, but if you want a more detailed one please leave it in the comments below! For now, I’ll show you the photo’s I made and tell you a bit!

This wasn’t my first time America actually. I’ve been to New York before, which was awesome aswell. This time we flew over from Amsterdam to Los Angeles to begin this beautiful journey.

I’ve been to Los Angeles, San Diego, Tucson, Scottsdale, Sedona, Grand Canyon, Death Valley, Las Vegas, Mammoth Lakes, Mariposa, San Fransisco, Monterey, Santa Maria and then I went back to Los Angeles again. My favorite city was definitely Los Angeles. I somehow feel kind of home there and the weather’s amazing compared to the Netherlands! Universal Studios was also really great, especially the studio tour! I also loved the Grand Canyon, which was actually colder than I imagined. We watched sunset while eating McDonald’s, haha.

Of course I’ve bought some little things aswell! And here are the photos of the things I bought.

DSCN1648 DSCN1630 DSCN1645 DSCN1642 DSCN1644DSCN1640    DSCN1632 DSCN1633

DSCN1647This little fellow laid on the bed in the Gainey Suites Hotel as a gift! I called the teddy bear Phoenix, since we were pretty close to Phoenix and I liked it.




And this lovely bear I got from a vending machine. Well, actually my brother got it. I tried 19 times and had it fell just next to the box for 4 times. Then my brother tried 3 times and won it. Still don’t have a name for this big bear, any ideas?


That were the things I bought, what’s your favorite one?
I also made loads of pictures. If you want to see them, click here.

And that’s it for now, I hope you had an amazing holiday and I’ll be back soon.

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