Flight World War 2 #Review


Flight World War II is a movie that was brought out a couple of years ago. I never had heard of it until I was looking through the Filmography of my favorite actors. And so I came, thanks to Robbie Kay, to this film. From what the trailer looked like, it looked pretty damn awesome. So I quickly looked for the film and watched it. And I can tell you, I love it.

Just the idea already. The people in Flight 42 have no clue what’s going on when they fly right through some sort of storm, when the crew and a few passengers notice things like airplanes from 1940. After not too long they find themselves in World War 2, they went back in time.

There is no place to land safely, and the engine is slowly running out. Luckily, the captain can get contact with a British soldier, Nigel. This boy tries to do everything to help Flight 42 as soon as he trusts them. ”Will the passengers of Flight 42 remain alive and will they change human history?” Is the main question.

I love, love, love the story line. It’s really original and not boring at all. Somehow they kept the movie interesting.

The actors.
Now, even though Robbie Kay was the one that got me watching this film, he isn’t the best actor in my opinion. His voice is great, a really good dramatic voice. I guess that’s also why he got the part for Peter Pan in Once Upon A Time. But the way he looks doesn’t always quit fit, it somehow looks a bit acted and of course it is acted but you’re not supposed to notice that. Still love that kiddo though. Then for the rest of the actors, they weren’t all professional but they were good enough to watch.

Minus points.
Of course there were also slightly disturbing things. Mini spoiler alert! First off, as there are shooting planes at Flight 42, the entrance door breaks off. Still, no one really seems to care about the two people that fly out of the plane. Secondly, after the windows crashed in and the door decided to break, the crew still walks through the plane as if you would barely notice some things are missing. And thirdly, the end. I really didn’t like the end, but I can’t say much about that.

Rating: 8 out of 10
I really liked this movie somehow, and I’d love to see another movie like this. But still, you do probably have to like action/war movies. There doesn’t happen a lot in this movie, but I found it interesting to watch.

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