Project USA.


Alright, so I’ve been working on a little project lately. Well, actually just for about 4 minutes. Let me explain myself. As you might now, might not now, I’m going on vacation in the USA. By the time you read this, I am probably in California. If you combine ROAD TRIP and NEW CAMERA you will get a HOLIDAY MOVIE. I always loved the idea of directing and editing films, and I am interested in such studies aswell. So just in case I need to make a portfolio for that, why not just make a movie now?

It won’t have a story line, but it would be more of a vlog-type of film. Maybe you could call it a diary. Anyway, my slogan is: if you do it, do it the right way. It actually sounds way better in Dutch, since it’s some sort of Dutch saying but it is what it is. I want to make it fancy all the way, and that’s why I already made up a few scenes. I still have to film and edit them though…

This is just a short shot from me, or a family member, opening his/her/my eyes and looking around. I think this would be really cool for in the very beginning, with birds chirping on the background or mum who wakes me up.

I throw things in my suitcase and simply close it. This is another short shot, but it would give a very cool effect. This would come before we leave the house, after the eye opening. So you can see a few things I take with me, and you can notice I’m going on a trip.

Since we’re flying from Amsterdam, we need to get there first. I don’t want to film more than 15 seconds of the road because I always get bored watching those shots. But maybe a shot of the family screaming that we’re going to Los Angeles, or just an introduction.

Of course there should be a short shot of what it’s like in the plane, and of course I’ll film the food. But once the plane is on the ground and I walk out, I film the first things I see of the beautiful Los Angeles.

So yeah, I didn’t came up with any more scenes but I already like the EYE OPENING. I’m worried I don’t have enough space on my memory card. I’ve got 16 GB, but just if I need more I can always buy another card in America.

What are your holiday plans? Let me know, I’m curious! And comment if you read this, because some of you just like posts and I feel like some of you don’t even read it, haha.

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