Bake A Cake #PieceOfCake 01

bake a cake

Here I am again, but today I have a recipe for you to bake your own delicious cake! I made a cake, half chocolate cake half normal cake. It was really tasty, and it was actually my first time baking a cake! So if you are curious about this easy recipe, just read along!


1. Cake mix
2. 100 grams of dark chocolate
3. 50 Ml milk
4. 150 grams of butter
5. 4 Eggs

Other things:
1. Cake mold thing 26 to 28 cm long
2. Mixer
3. Bowl.

This recipe is very easy and it tastes really nice so good luck and have fun!

Instead of cake mix (mine was from Markant) you could also use Vanilla sugar, baking power, a tiny bit of salt and flower. It’s the same thing in the end.

1. First of you want to warm up your oven. We have a convection oven, so ours had to go on 155 degrees Celsius. An electric oven should warm up to 160 degrees Celsius.

2. Now take a little bit of butter, I took the fluid kind of butter, and spread it in the mold so everything is a bit smooth.

3. Use the mixer to make the butter soft and creamy.


4. Now add either the cake mix, eggs and milk. You can also add a little bit of citron of you’d like to, but I didn’t. Mix it until you have a smooth mixture.


5. I took about half of this mixture and put it in the mold as I left the other half in the bowl. Make sure the corners are filled aswell.


6. Get a bowl and fill it for a third with boiling water. In this bowl, you but another bowl and in the top bowl you put the chocolate. Every while you’d need to stir so everything melts equally.

7. What you now want to do, is add the melted chocolate with the mixture that was left behind in the bowl. As soon as you mixed it, put it on top of the first layer in the mold and then you’re almost done!

8. Now put it in the oven for about 50 to 60 minutes and voilà! Bon appetite!


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