Nutella Pancakes #PieceOfCake 02 Failure.


Hello beautiful people of the internet! This morning I felt like baking a different breakfast than normal. The usual is a slice of bread with chocolate sprinkles, but today I felt more for pancakes. Since we didn’t have any more milk, I used water for the next recipe.

Oh my god. Just when I see the recipe another time I see where I went wrong. I’m such a loser, haha. Anyway, I found this pancake recipe here. If you don’t feel like clicking on the link, I will explain shortly what the ingredients are.

100 grams of flower
1 egg
1,5 dl milk (but I used water)
20 grams of butter
2 grams of salt

Now, the over excited me read a bit wrong because I used 20 grams of salt. When I added it, I was like ”Isn’t this way too much? Oh well, the recipe won’t lie.” And I just added so much salt. That’s why it tasted horrible. But anyway, we continue.

Just mix the flower with the milk, salt and the egg. Simply bake it with the butter in a pan and you’re done. I did it a bit different though. I added half of the mix into the pan. Then I added some Nutella and I spread it over the pancake mix. After that I covered the chocolate with the other half of the mix.


The result looked pretty good. And for the chocolate part it was really good but the salt. Oh gosh, the salt was horrible. I had to throw my breakfast away because it was just too unhealthy and gross. I’ll try another time soon, but with the right amount of salt.

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