I’m a Youtuber #LetsPretend


Let’s pretend… I’m a Youtuber. It’s something I secretly always wanted to be, but I have always been, and I still am, afraid of beginning this new thing. Youtube is getting more popular every day, and not just for music videos. People like Pewdiepie and Smoare earn tons of money by making funny videos. How would things be like if I had a Youtube Channel?

First off, the main question. What kind of videos would I upload? I’m not into make up, and not really into fashion so I think I’d do either gaming video’s, Vlogs or pranks and challenges. I’d absolutely love to begin a Prank War with my brother, haha.

I’ve been using a few editing programs already. Movie Maker, IMovie, Sony Vegas Pro and Adobe Premiere CC. My favorite is still Adobe, but unfortunately the demo ended so I need to figure out a way to download it or something.

I’d love to meet new, amazing friends with the same passion as I. People with who I could collaborate, work together to create amazing things and memories.

This was another random, stupid post. Sorry for the latest few boring posts, but my mind is already settled on ‘vacation’. Anyway, we almost reached 50 followers! Thanks for that! Really means a lot to me!

One thought on “I’m a Youtuber #LetsPretend

  1. I would love to start a YouTube channel for music but I don’t know what because I can’t really sing well but I play instruments. I would love to see you do a YouTube channel


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